Recognizing the Top Warning Signs of Mould Allergies That Signal a Leaky Basement Repair in Your Oshawa Home Is Needed

Oct 23, 2014

Do you know the warning signs associated with mould allergies?  Most people don’t.  That’s because mould is a deceptive organism and allergies to it may be initially attributed to other problems, like colds or the flu.  Make no mistake, though – mould is serious.  If you or someone you love is experiencing any or all of the following mould allergy symptoms after being in your Oshawa home, do yourself a favor and contact a professional like The Crack Doctor to learn more about leaky basement repair.

  • Respiratory Distress – This may come in the form of a tiny bit of wheezing or a full-blown asthma attack.   Either way, the air passages and lungs are being irritated by the airborne mould spores.  Unless the mould spores are removed, these respiratory symptoms will continue.
  • Runny or Stuffed-Up Nose – Because this type of symptom is commonly experienced when people have colds, they tend to overlook it.  But if you cannot find a good reason for your stuffy, runny nose, you may want to have your house examined for mould.
  • Itchy and Watery Eyes – The eyes are extremely sensitive parts of the human (and animal!) body.  When they come in contact with allergens like mould, they may begin to burn, itch and/or water.  You’ll notice that this happens only in your home and not outside (which would indicate outdoor allergies) or when you are in other buildings.
  • Topical Problems – Do you wake up every day with itchy hives after you spend time in the area of your house you suspect has mould, such as the basement, laundry area, kitchen or bathroom?  This indicates you could be sensitive to mould; unless you remove the mould, you won’t be able to stop the itching permanently.

While there are some companies that will tell you that you only have to clean the mould with special solutions and you’ll have no more allergies, this isn’t completely true.  Yes, the mould that exists right now will be killed; however, if the underlying cause of the mould isn’t addressed, it will return over and again.  That’s why leaky basement repair for mould growth in a basement area is the best and most affordable long-term solution.

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