Sub-Contractors and the Waterproofing Industry

Jul 4, 2013

Through our competitive analysis and market research we have been able to determine that of the three main waterproofing companies in Ontario, The Crack Doctor is the only company not using sub-contractors for its outside waterproofing and excavation projects.

This is a concern since much like making a copy of a copy, quality is lost in reproduction.

Sub-contractors come and go drifting from one company to another and the primary contractor loses control over the workers due to a lack of standardized procedures and effective supervision.

The Crack Doctor has been approached by the sub-contractors working for these companies and upon being interviewed, these sub-contractors clearly lack adequate knowledge required to work for the industry leader.

Outside waterproofing is dangerous and challenging and our research indicates they simply don’t have what it takes to perform the work safely and efficiently.

For people wishing to enter the waterproofing industry, The Crack Doctor offers a highly respected apprenticeship program where after passing an aptitude test and criminal background check, individuals interested in the trade can become fully trained in the discipline of exterior waterproofing. Accepted candidates will learn engineering principals and safety procedures as well as code requirements and effective modern waterproofing techniques.

We are always looking for bright success oriented people who want to become industry leading experts and after working with our company for a few years, they will certainly be.

We would like to raise the standards of the industry by having the government create training programs and standardized repair procedures but in the mean time, The Crack Doctor will do it’s best to set an example for the industry.  Contact The Crack Doctor today for any home waterproofing needs that you might have.

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