Basement Crack Repair Can Help with Energy Efficiency in Toronto Homes

Jan 19, 2015

Energy efficiency is an established trend in building homes right now. More people are realizing the cost benefits that an energy efficient home provides over the long-term, and how much more comfortable living in it really is for that price point. Energy efficient homes can help save money on utility bills, improve your air quality, and help reduce emission gas in the environment. For Toronto homeowners who may have purchased their house before this trend took off, there are always features and repairs they can install, such as a basement crack repair, to turn their home green.

Basement crack repair is required when there are cracks (whether vertical, diagonal or horizontal) on your walls. These occur because of temperature changes, leading the foundations to expand and contract, and create cracks. These cracks can contribute to heat loss in your home, as conditioned air leaks outside. In order to keep your home warmer, you will then inevitably turn up the heat, and your energy bill will increase.

The fortunate thing is that these cracks can be permanently fixed with The Crack Doctor’s special crack repair system.They can be made permanently waterproofed from either inside or outside, with or without digging. And once you have sealed up the cracks in your basement walls, you will notice a significant change in your energy bill.

Are you looking to turn your home energy efficient? We can help. Give The Crack Doctor a call today at 1-866-788-3288 for a free assessment!

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