Ensure A Thorough Foundation Inspection to Locate Foundation Cracks Prevent Further Winter Damage with Timely Repairs

Oct 30, 2013

Foundation cracks are a serious problem to have on hand; unfortunately, most often they go unnoticed until it is too late. Winter damage can further increase the seriousness of this problem unless you take timely action with a foundation inspection by professionals.

There are several maintenance checks you can perform yourself before hiring a professional.

  • Check for gaps and cracks – Walk around your home and inspect the areas around the doors and windows. See if there are any gaps or cracks alongside the frames, or separation of materials from the frames. Another sign that might indicate foundation cracks is if doors and windows do not open and shut properly.
  • Look for Cracks in the Walls and on the Ceiling – when your foundation shifts or cracks, it can also cause damage to your walls and ceiling. Cracks in these areas may not always indicate a foundation issue, but a detailed foundation inspection by a professional is warranted.
  • Examine the exterior foundation – Examine whether there are any areas of your home that appear to have shifted or are sinking. Look for cracks in mortar. Also look to see if areas such as your chimney or a patio appear to be separating from the home.

In the Greater Toronto Area where snow and ice is frequent through the long spell of winter weather, ensuring that your foundation is protected is even more critical. If the structural integrity of your foundation is compromised, you could be faced with very costly repairs. Leaving foundation cracks untreated throughout the winter will significantly worsen the problem.

Cracks and shifting foundations could allow water into your home and cause flooding. Water that accumulates from melting ice and snow will fill cracks or separations in your foundation. It will subsequently melt and refreeze, thus further compounding the damage.

For more information on what to look for in a foundation inspection or to hire a professional to fix foundation cracks, please call The Crack Doctor at 1-877-709-2809. We can serve all your foundation repair needs and prevent further winter damage.

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