Expert Foundation Repair Required for Toronto Homeowners with Basement Leaks

Feb 27, 2014

Spring is almost here, and Toronto homeowners will soon find out what conditions their home foundations are in after the deep freeze we had. Some may discover that professional foundation repair is required, due to basement leaks. Fortunately, proactive homeowners can prevent this problem.

Prior to winter, homeowners may have noticed little cracks on their home’s foundation walls but didn’t pay much attention to them at the time, because they weren’t leaking. However, during the winter, the cracks allow water to pass through the foundation and enter the basement. This happens because small amounts of water absorb into the crack and freezes, breaking the foundation as it expands. This expansion can also re-fracture a previous foundation repair job, especially if an inflexible repair material was used, such as epoxy.

In addition to foundation cracks, snow melting against the house can cause leaks at the sill plate and basement window wells. Down spouts or extensions may have come off during the winter, or ice may have pulled the eaves trough away just enough to allow water to pour down beside the foundation.

It’s imperative that homeowners are proactive in preventing any leak issues. To avoid a wet basement in the spring, shovel the snow away from buried sill plates, check the downspouts and extensions, and schedule a visit from The Crack Doctor. We’ll help you identify what’s happening and offers services that prevent basement leaks when the spring melt comes.

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