Foundation Crack Repair Prepares Ottawa Basements to Become Organized Paradises

Dec 26, 2014

Is your Ottawa home’s basement anything but organized?  While it might seem like a tremendously difficult undertaking, you can turn even the most clutter-filled space into a veritable oasis where disorder is forever banished.  The trick is to first take care of any foundation crack repair and basement waterproofing with The Crack Doctor’s assistance.  Then, you can move on to the following organization tips and techniques.

7 Simple Ways to Organize a Basement with Style

Once you are certain that all worries regarding water leakage are things of the past, you can begin to implement a few of these orderly methods that even the pros swear by:

  1. Build – or have someone proficient in carpentry build – floor to ceiling wooden shelving units for at least one wall in the basement.  Make sure to use wood that will stand up to heavier boxes.  If you want a more stylish look to the built-in shelves, paint them to match the rest of the basement.
  2. Purchase rubberized or plastic bins and containers of various shapes and sizes.  These can be used to store everything from books to Christmas ornaments.  If you have shelves (as was suggested in #1), you can keep the bins organized neatly on them.  Otherwise, you may want to stack them.  Just make sure you don’t stack them too high.  Safety should always be top of mind!
  3. If your basement area is only to be used for storage, and not as a living space, you may wish to hang some items from the ceiling, such as skis and ski poles.  This keeps them from falling over in a corner, and may extend their life.
  4. Buy hanging implements to store bikes along one of the walls.  Bicycles that are stored in a suspended way experience less wear-and-tear, as well as stress, especially on the tires.
  5. Invest in some pegboard.  This type of surface is fantastic for storing tools, trinkets and even crafting supplies.  It’s relatively inexpensive, but affords many uses.
  6. Look for lockers.  Remember those lockers from your school days?  They can be purchased in bulk and are perfectly fine for storing many things in your basement.  Plus, they are terrific conversation pieces!
  7. Get yourself some bookshelves.  You can find bookshelves in every shape, color, size and material, so go wild and turn the walls of your basement into locations where you have room to store just about anything you aren’t currently using.  If necessary, secure the bookshelves to the wall, especially if they are particularly tall and may not be as stable as you’d like.

No one should hate their basement, especially when it has so many useful possibilities.  By getting it waterproofed sooner rather than later, you can make it the go-to place for all those items you don’t need today, but want to have at the ready for tomorrow.

The Crack Doctor is ready to help you get organized.  Find out more about their expertise by checking out the website right now.

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