Toronto Foundation Repair and Other Fixes You Need after Mould Removal

Aug 26, 2014

After noticing mould in their homes, Toronto homeowners may hire a mould remediation expert to eradicate it, and then believe that the problem has been resolved. Yet mould remediation is just a short-term solution to a potentially long-term problem. There may be no more mould now, but mould spores can easily grow again if the origin of the moisture was not resolved. Most mould remediation companies only offer one service: mould removal. For the best solution for your needs, find a certified company that offers other integrated services such as foundation repair and basement waterproofing, in addition to mould remediation. You will get an all-encompassing reparative and preventive solution to your basement problems.

Here are some repairs you may need to invest in to ensure mould doesn’t return again.

1 . Foundation repair: If you notice cracks in your foundation walls or brickwork, a foundation repair will be necessary. Water may have been building up around the grounds of your home and leaking through those cracks into your basement. When you face continuously rainy weather, the water will just put more pressure on the foundation cracks. The moisture from these leaks can then produce mould.

2 . Sump pump installation: This is an interior basement waterproofing solution. Sump pumps prevent the basement from flooding by removing water that flows into it. If your house gets flooded, it requires days before it can dry out, which presents a favorable condition for mould growth. We recommend getting an automated sump pump with backup power, so that even when there are power outrages during storms, it can still pump out water and your basement will remain dry.

3 . Replace the weeping tile: Your weeping tile is a pipe that allows water to pass through it towards a drainage system. If your weeping tile is clogged, then your drainage system cannot work. As an exterior basement waterproofing solution, it’s recommended to replace the weeping tile to ensure water flows away from the house.

To determine the right repair for your needs, get in touch with The Crack Doctor now at our Toronto office! We offer zero percent financing.

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