Waterproofing New Homes: Types of Cracks That Need Immediate Attention

Aug 13, 2013

Does your new home have a leaky basement? It’s time to look out for contractors offering waterproofing for new homes. Your problem could be cracks in your foundation or walls. Don’t ignore it. It could lead to serious wet basement issues as the days go by. Not to mention mould and its consequent health risks.

While all buildings, even new ones, develop cracks it is important to know the difference between natural settling and serious issues. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide when to call for help.

Types of cracks you should pay attention to in a new home:

  • Hairline cracks: Those that are around 5mm wide are normally fine to just be filled in. Monitor where they have appeared and if they show up in more than one place in the room or become larger than 5mm, it’s time to call in the professionals.
  • Brickwork cracks: These could potentially be caused by the building’s weight shifting or from the flaws in the brick being acted upon by the elements.
  • A crack inside and out: If you have seen a crack that seems to go right through from the inside of your home right to the outside get in touch with a building expert right away. You could be faced with a serious problem in which the foundation of your building has begun to move.
  • Door and window frame cracks: Cracks in the window and door frames may be an indication that additional weight is being subjected to the lintels. If the doors have begun to stick as well then professional advice is a must.
  • Cracks caused by overloading: Some cracks may be caused by excess weight and pressure; e.g. a loft or attic extension without the right support structures. In this case get a professional to look at it.

That small crack in your basement wall could be the first sign of a serious foundation problem, leaks and flooding. You’ll need a contractor that specializes in waterproofing for new homes.

The Crack Doctor offers accredited foundation repair and basement waterproofing services across Southern Ontario. We use only top quality equipment and materials. Plus all our work is backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Found a leak in your new home? Call The Crack Doctor today at 1-877-709-2809 for a free estimate for waterproofing new homes.

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