Most Popular Summer Home Repairs in Toronto

Jul 1, 2014

As the weather begins to get nicer and nicer in Toronto, homeowners start to tackle some of those pesky repairs that they’ve put off during the past few months. From straightening the garage to re-seeding the lawn, there’s always something to do when it’s warm and the frost isn’t on the ground. Below are some of the most popular types of summer home repairs seen in and around Canada.

1:  Installation of new windows

As homeowners look over last winter’s utility bills, they might just begin to realize that they’ve been throwing money out the window… literally!  Many times, older windows just cannot keep up year after year, and they begin to crack or cause loss of heat.  In the end, this just doesn’t make sense.  Rather than continuing to pay tons of money to warm up the outside (remember when your mother told you not to do that?), replacement windows can be a saving grace.  Plus, they tend to look wonderful and increase the aesthetic appeal of any residence.

2:  Foundation waterproofing

The spring rains mean one thing to homeowners whose house foundations have never been waterproofed by a professional company like The Crack Doctor: wet basements.  Whether it’s from cracks or weeping tile, the water ends up pooling in the basement.  Fortunately, foundation waterproofing is affordable and fast; plus, with The Crack Doctor, it’s guaranteed to be a permanent solution to any wet basement problem.

3:  Driveway repaving

Just like the highways, residential driveways eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear.  Although they certainly aren’t used as often as 404 or 407, they still get their share of traffic in the course of a year.  Additionally, they experience the stressors of freezing and thawing.  Summer is the ideal time of year to make driveway repairs, or to completely change the materials that make up a driveway, such as replacing asphalt with bricks.

4:  House painting

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for any home!  Regardless of the architectural style of the property, it can be refreshed by adding some color.  Depending upon the scope of the project, it might be wise to hire a professional to do this type of job.

While summertime is definitely meant for relaxation, that’s no excuse not to tackle some “honey do” list items!  For the smartest foundation waterproofing solutions, contact the experts at The Crack Doctor at 1-866-788-3288 right now.

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