Now is the Best Time to Winterize Your Toronto Basement, Including Foundation Waterproofing

Oct 21, 2014

As we come upon another Canadian winter, Toronto residents would be well-advised to begin winterizing their basements.  Unfortunately, most people don’t think about how tough the winter is on this area of their house… or how much NOT winterizing can cost them!  Rather than gamble with the health of your home and everyone in it, prep your property the right way.  From weather-stripping windows to hiring foundation waterproofing experts, there are tons of methods you can use to keep your basement looking great when spring rolls around.

#1:  Make sure all your crawl space and wall areas are well-insulated.

A cold basement is an inefficient one, especially if that’s where you are operating your furnace, water heater, washer or dryer.  It’s a fact that appliances use more energy to run when they are located in colder spots.  By insulating your basement, you’ll be making sure the temperature stays at an even level.  Many homeowners are even surprised at how moderate their basements feel after taking this step!  Plus, you’ll save money because your appliances won’t have to work so hard.

#2:  Waterproof your basement.

Have you notice leaks here and there in your basement?  How about the smell of mildew?  These are all signs that you have some leaks, and they won’t get any better during another cold Toronto winter!  In fact, as the earth goes through a freeze-thaw cycle, you can expect that any existing cracks will only get bigger.  By spring, you could end up with a flood in your basement.  It’s better to hire professionals like The Crack Doctor for foundation waterproofing services.  As a result, your basement will stay nice and dry despite Mother Nature’s fury.

#3:  Insulate any water pipes.

No one wants to have a pipe burst when it hits freezing outside!  If you haven’t insulated your water pipes in a while – or you never have insulated them – it’s time to do so.  If you need to call a plumber to help, just know that your investment will pay off.  A pipe that begins to drip and leak can cause serious damage; prevention is the ideal way to save money and stress.

#4:  Replace or weather-strip basement windows.

If you have single-pane glass in your basement windows, it may be time for an upgrade.  Newer models will be more energy-efficient and keep the windows from allowing any heat to escape.  If window replacement isn’t in your budget this year, make sure to at least weather-strip all the windows.

By being proactive and winterizing your basement, you can save your hard-earned dollars and enjoy every inch of your home.  To learn more about winterizing and foundation waterproofing, please contact the experts at The Crack Doctor.

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