Thinking About Outside Waterproofing

Jun 5, 2013

Outside excavation and waterproofing using weeping tile and waterproof membranes can be a very successful way of waterproofing a basement. It is worth noting that this is one of those times when you really want to do your research on what will need to happen in order to avoid an expensive, dangerous, unsuccessful disaster.

That being said, please know that there are a number of fine waterproofing companies servicing the GTA which will provide excellent service in a safe, successful, cost effective manner with a repair which is covered by a real warranty.

Unfortunately, as in many unregulated industries, it can be hard to tell the good guys from the bad, and due to the danger and expense involved in an outside waterproofing project, trying to save too much money can be very expensive.

Outside excavating is not a nice safe job like logging, mining or commercial fishing where if you have an accident you go to the hospital to get better. If the excavation collapses due to improper safety procedures, the buried workers usually die. If the proper insurance is not in place, the customer can have their house taken away to pay for damages.

This is why, now more than at any other time, you will need to make sure you hired the right company.

The right company will be the one using the prescribed engineered shoring, the one which has full WSIB coverage, a minimum of two million dollars in liability insurance, many years in the business, and is fully trained in excavation safety with an up-to-date ticket.

This will often not be the least expensive estimate due to the fixed costs of running a real business.

Doing this work incorrectly will always result in failure and there are many ways to cut corners.

However The Crack Doctor is an award-winning waterproofing company and we maintain an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. As the industry leader, we have the experience and reputation of being able to solve any problem with a wet basement from inside or outside, with or without digging. We have full WSIB coverage and carry five million dollars liability insurance. Our outside waterproofing repairs carry a 25 year transferable waterproof warranty.

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