Waterproof Basement: 6 Facts About Waterproofing

Jan 12, 2012

If you are looking to undertake a basement waterproofing project, here are some of the facts that you need to keep in mind.

1) You should be attentive and look for the signs to determine whether waterproofing is needed. You need to find signs such as:

  • Wet basement and leaking water.
  • Erosion along with the irregular settlement.
  • Cracks along your walls and floors.
  • You or your family start to notice respiratory problems.
  • There is the smell of mold.

2) Bad construction methods at the time the house was built, are the hardest type of water problem to remedy. Correct drainage is important whenever you are selecting a site to build a new home.

3) Water rises through the slab via capillary action if the groundwater level is close to the underside of the slab of the basement floor.

4) It is best to have the house situated on the higher side so that during the rainy season the groundwater level is at least ten feet below the basement floor.

5) Sometimes it is just not possible to remove all the dampness from a basement if the contractor didn’t consider the principles of good drainage.

6) Once your basement is waterproofed and it is dry, make sure you keep the heat in during the cold winter and keep the heat out during the summer.

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