The Crack Doctor’s Outside Waterproofing

May 9, 2013

Wet basements can often be repaired from the outside.

THE CRACK DOCTOR has fixed thousands of wet basements with great success from the outside.

This repair involves first performing a site inspection to assess the viability of this solution. After the success of such a repair has been determined, we will call before we dig to identify underground utilities. We will communicate with your neighbours what can be expected and will get written permission, if necessary, to dig or temporarily place excavated earth on their property. THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR requires that they be notified when an excavation exceeding four feet in depth is taking place and we will make the required communication.

On the day of the project, we will establish a safety perimeter around where the work will occur. Plywood will be laid on the ground where excavated earth will be placed and where ever the excavator will drive. Observing all federally regulated safety requirements, excavation will commence. Earth along the leaking wall is excavated to the footing, exposing the foundation wall and the weeping-tile. Engineered shoring is installed in the trench to prevent trench collapse and catastrophic injury.

The foundation wall is cleaned by pressure washing to remove dirt and loose material. Holes cracks and penetrations are repaired as required. At this time, the weeping-tile is inspected and often replaced. The old weeping-tile is replaced with new filter covered weeping-tile and is connected at either end to the remaining system. A thick coating of rubber waterproof membrane is applied to the entire surface of the foundation wall, then reinforcing fabric is laid covering the wall footing joint and is coated again with rubber. After the rubber membrane has cured an air-gap drain board membrane is installed over the rubber membrane.

Window wells are then reinstalled and a window well drain is plumbed to the new weeping-tile. The new weeping-tile is then surrounded by twelve inches of drainage gravel which displaces twelve inches of dirt which we often remove. Excavated native soil is then placed back in the trench in one foot layers and mechanically compacted to minimize settling.

The work area is cleaned and restored to near pre-repair condition.

This repair carries a transferable 25 year waterproof warranty.

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