The Internal Subfloor Drainage System / French-Drain

May 27, 2013

Much like the outside waterproofing method, the French-drain or internal sub-floor drainage system method of basement waterproofing has existed for thousands of years.

The Crack Doctor works with an internal waterproofing system that is exclusive to our company. It has been designed and developed to address all problems regarding wet basements, without the need to dig outside.

Our internal solution carries a lifetime transferrable warranty to be waterproofed.

Much like an external waterproofing repair, it uses a drainage system and waterproof membrane. An outside foundation waterproofing repair involves excavating the full depth of the foundation wall to expose the footing and weeping tile. Often the weeping tile is replaced and a waterproof membrane is installed over the foundation wall.

The Crack Doctor’s internal subfloor drainage system involves installing a drainage system at the same depth as the weeping tile but inside and under the floor. The system is often connected to our sump pump system which carries a lifetime warranty and can be invisibly installed in a finished area with flooring over top. This work is actually occurring outside of the home since we are working under the floor which is the exterior envelope of the building. Our fire rated, code compliant, vapour barrier and waterproof membrane is installed to cover the foundation wall and to connect to our drainage system. This repair is suitable for all types of foundations and is of particular benefit to block and stone foundations where outside waterproofing would be challenging or not possible. Renovation or basement finishing would continue as usual with no special arrangements. With a full perimeter system, your basement is guaranteed to be waterproof for as long as the building shall stand. The cost of the Internal Sub-floor Drainage System is about half the cost of the external solution.

The Crack Doctor has installed thousands of both internal and external waterproofing and basement seepage solutions, and our industry leading warranty is applied to either solution as it pertains to your needs.

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