Rough Winter Weather Patterns in Toronto May Encourage Homeowners to Seek Basement Leak Repair

Oct 9, 2014

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Accuweather and a host of other meteorological sources, Canada’s winter is looking to be a rough one.  Thanks to El Niño, a weather phenomenon that’s back after a five year hiatus, the storms will be fierce and the air will be freezing.  For some homeowners in Toronto and the surrounding areas, this is an indication that it’s time to seek out basement leak repair services to ensure a dry, safe thaw.

Michael Theriault, president, The Crack Doctor, isn’t surprised by the reactions of people who want to protect their properties.  “When meteorologists predict bad winters, smart homeowners take notice,” he says.  “They realize that in order to ensure that they won’t end up with pools of water, or the beginnings of mould, in their homes, they need to waterproof their basements.”

Theriault adds that businesses and landlords should also take the warning about the weather seriously.  “Basically, any building with a basement that hasn’t been waterproofed is at risk.”

In previous years, the freeze-thaw cycle of a tough winter has led to basement problems for many Toronto residents.  By securing their real estate investment, they can be ready for a much warmer-than-normal summer, which is expected for 2015.

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