Wet Basements Far Worse This Year than Past Twenty Years

Apr 25, 2014

As the Ottawa Citizen recently reported, the 2013/2014 winter is the worst on record of the past twenty years.  Ironically, the wintry weather didn’t break any records, but it did go on forever.  Plus, there was so much precipitation between November and March that people in and around the city began to wonder if Mother Nature ever intended to bring spring into the picture.  As we now know, temperatures are starting to rise and it won’t be long before all the snow and ice is a thing of the past; yet it will leave behind a problem for many homeowners: wet basements.

Each spring, more properties’ basements are flooded when the frozen grounds thaw and the spring rains begin.  As the ground becomes soggier and soggier, the earth looks for ways to “unload” its plethora of liquid.  Unfortunately, if a house doesn’t have a waterproofed basement and there are just a few tiny cracks in the foundation, a veritable “indoor pool” can be the result.

Wet basements are certainly more than simply troublesome for those in Ottawa.  They can lead to serious health issues for people and pets alike, lessening of property values (which is a real concern for those wishing to move this year) and, and insect and rodent infestations.  Aside from those issues, they also take away potential square footage that could be used for storage or living space.

Knowing that the unprecedented winter will inevitably mean an increase in wet basement concerns, every Ottawa homeowner should either a) take preventative measures to waterproof their home’s basement; or b) be on the lookout for the smallest indications that there could be a moisture problem in their house’s basement.  The leading basement waterproofing company in Ontario, The Crack Doctor, offers flexible hours and appointments to assist homeowners in making sure their castles are ready for the rising thermometers.

Spring should be a time to celebrate the newness all around, not to worry about wet basements.  With a waterproofed basement, homeowners can be ready to enjoy the changes of the seasons, not to stress about them.

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