Make Sure to Address Mould Removal Before Selling Your House

Feb 18, 2014

There are a lot of things to consider when you first make that big decision to sell your home. How much should I sell it for? Are there any repairs I need to make to increase the property value of it? How should I prepare and stage the house to look like so when a potential buyer comes, they’ll love it at first sight?

A common issue that often gets overlooked is mould. It may seem inconsequential in light of all the other fixes you could do to your house to raise its real estate value. You might not even know that it’s in your home. However, mould is not only unattractive; it could also lead to structural damage in your house, and there are health risks involved. If a potential buyer sees it, or finds evidence of it through a home inspection, any good thoughts they had of purchasing your home fly out the window!

Fortunately, the steps you should take to address mould removal needn’t be complicated:

  1. Have a mould remedial company come in to take a look at it. They will do a site visit, let you know if you have a mould problem, and provide you an estimate of how much it would cost to fix it. A credible company would be certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). When deciding what company to choose, it is important to also check their reputation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  2. Make sure that the mould remedial company will provide a guarantee of their work, such as a post-test indicating that there is a safe level of mould after the remediation process has been done.
  3. Document the process you took to address the mould issue, and provide any reports given. The potential buyer will feel a sense of trust and security that you have proactively taken steps to address the mould issue.

Make the easy decision and sell a healthy house!

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