Potential Risks of Basement Mold – And Why It Should Be Removed Immediately

Oct 16, 2013

Mold in your basement is a serious health concern. Even a little bit of mold left untreated can quickly become dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible. Sometimes you may not be able to see basement mold if it is behind walls, in the ceiling, under the carpet or sub-floor. But the presence of mold can usually be detected by a musty smell. If you smell or see mold, it is imperative that you contact a basement mold removal professional to examine the situation. It’s also a good idea to get a mold inspector on your premises after you have had a flood, leak or any other type of water damage. You could have a mold problem you can’t see or smell!

Why is Mold Dangerous?

Many individuals have a sensitivity to mold, and will develop symptoms similar to allergies. Those with severe sensitivity will also suffer from difficulty breathing, rashes, dizziness, and flu-like symptoms. Certain types of mold, specifically black mold, can even cause serious diseases and possible damage to your central nervous system. For this reason it is especially important to remove mold and prevent its reoccurrence before it spreads out of control.

Why Might There Be Mold in My Basement?

Mold develops and thrives in areas where there is humidity, dampness, moisture, and a source of nourishment. For mold, that nourishment mainly means dust, darkness and moisture; and basements usually have plenty of that. Basement mold can be quite common and can grow quickly if not removed in a timely manner.

How Can I Find Mold?

In addition to the smell, you can usually easily spot mold if it is in a viewable area. However, it is often found growing in a dark, damp area, such as behind your walls or behind the heating equipment.

How Do I Get Rid of Mold?

If you notice a small amount of mold, spray it with bleach. Try a few applications if the mold persists. If it doesn’t go away, you will need to call in a basement mold removal expert. If your basement is carpeted and the carpet contains mold, it will likely need to be removed. Basement Mold Removal professionals utilize special equipment to locate and destroy mold, and can also offer advice on how to prevent mold from returning.

Servicing all of Southern Ontario, we have helped thousands of homeowners get rid of mold and keep it at bay. Request an estimate for basement mold removal or call The Crack Doctor today to remove your basement mold immediately.

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