5 Clues That a Home Might Have a Wet Basement Problem

Feb 20, 2014

Often, people who have wet basement problems don’t even realize it. That’s one of the reasons that they do nothing until the issue gets out of hand. Below are five of the biggest indicators that there could be a problem in a crawl space, between floorboards, in the foundation or between the walls. Even if it can’t be seen, doing a little investigative work will help uncover what could become a bigger mess down the road.

Clue #1: The lower level(s) of the house have a musty odor.

Houses with wet basements collect moisture, and that moisture is a beacon to mould and mildew. Hence, a musty smell will almost always be present if there is dampness.

Clue #2: Family members keep getting allergy and asthma problems while indoor.

Allergies and asthma are commonly triggered by outdoor items, such as pollen and ragweed, or heavy air pollution. Therefore, if these conditions keep happening inside a home, especially if it’s otherwise kept clean, a wet basement could be to blame.

Clue #3: Unusual amounts of insects in the basement and lower level(s).

Every home has some insects. With that being said, an inordinate amount of six-, eight- and hundred-legged creepy crawlies could be sign that they are enjoying some moist conditions just out of sight.

Clue #4: Water stains are visible along the basement walls and/or floorboards.

As water begins to creep into the house via the foundation (or anywhere else), it will eventually leave marks. These usually appear as dark spots or stains, although they can sometimes turn wood a white or grayish color.

Clue #5: Mould is growing in the corners of the basement room(s).

As obvious as this clue might sound, it’s not always seen by homeowners. If a basement is unfinished and kept relatively dark, an individual who isn’t actively seeking mould is unlikely to notice it.

Of course, once a wet basement is suspected or verified, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

The best wet basement solution to choose will depend upon the home’s type of foundation, the age of the residence, the style of the house, and a host of other considerations. That’s why it’s best to hire an expert, such as the specialists at Crack Doctor.

Being able to trust the opinions of a company that has tackled the worst wet basements will give peace of mind, not to mention a dry home!

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