Don’t Ignore the Moisture Causing Seasonal Wet Basement Problems

Feb 25, 2014

Moisture is great when it comes in the form of a tall glass of water or a swimming pool, but it’s not so terrific when it affects the structural integrity of your property.  For many homeowners in Ontario, wet basement problems may be a common occurrence, but they should never be ignored.  Below, we look at what can happen if a wet basement is simply allowed to remain damp.

  1. The home’s foundation can be compromised.  This means that more and more water will eventually come in.  There is no way that a homeowner can “reverse” this without the assistance of a company that specializes in improving wet basement problems.
  2. Members of the household can begin to experience health issues related to mold and mildew growth.  Even people without allergies or asthma can be affected by these types of airborne particles.  Additionally, some individuals and pets tend to get physically sick from exposure to mold and mildew.
  3. Real estate value of the property can start to decline.  Families looking for a new house are less likely to purchase one that has seasonal wet basement issues.  Alternatively, they may not be willing to pay much for a home if they know they have to fix this kind of problem.
  4. A wet basement isn’t a usable space for living arrangements.  Therefore, the square footage in that part of the house is potentially being wasted.
  5. Items stored in the basement can be ruined by the humidity in the environment.  Cardboard boxes can start to deteriorate, and furniture can begin to get blackened with mold.  Keepsakes and treasures can be lost in an instant.

The upshot of all these concerns is that there are plenty of excellent solutions to wet basements.  Of course, a great first step is contracting a wet basement specialist like the Crack Doctor.  It’s the most effective way to rid a home of the dangers that a wet basement can cause.

To schedule an onsite consultation with experts from the Crack Doctor, please contact one of their convenient offices today.

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