Dry Out Your Wet Basement before Buying New Basement Appliances

Jul 1, 2014

Are you in the market to buy new basement appliances like a furnace, hot water heater or sump pump this year?  Before you make any purchases, be certain that your basement is dry by investing in permanent foundation waterproofing measures as performed by the professionals at The Crack Doctor in Toronto.  After all, a wet basement can cause a host of headaches when it comes to your new investments.

Basement flooding can void your equipment warranty.

Unless you have homeowner’s insurance that indicates otherwise, a flooded basement will likely void the warranty on your new equipment.  That means you’ll be unable to recoup any of the cash you spent on your items.

Flooded furnaces and water heaters can explode.

When furnaces and water heaters are exposed to flooding conditions, they can actually burst.  After all, they aren’t meant to operate in a moisture-rich environment.  While the flooding does have to be serious for this to happen, it can occur if a basement foundation hasn’t been waterproofed.

New appliances that become wet wear down faster and need more repair.

Even if your basement appliance doesn’t break down immediately after a flooding incident, it doesn’t mean the flood didn’t affect the appliance.  Water, dirt and other particulates can destroy the internal workings of equipment.  Plus, debris can become trapped inside furnaces, washing machines and dryers.  Not only does this leave a fire hazard, but it can also leave a malfunctioning unit. Don’t worry about having to salvage your new furnace, water heater or other basement appliance (or, worse yet, purchase another one to replace it.)  Protect your home for the long haul through a waterproofed basement. Looking for foundation waterproofing solutions? Contact the experts at The Crack Doctor in our Toronto location at 1-866-788-3288 for a free consultation.

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