How Much Does a Wet Basement Devalue Your Property?

Feb 10, 2014

Wet basements are known to cause damage to floors, furniture, and drywall. But did you know they can also cause structural damage to your home?

It’s true. Ongoing water leaks could create cracks in your foundation. There are also health concerns associated with wet basements due to poor indoor air quality. Truly, it’s not uncommon to find family members having aggravated breathing problems, allergies and headaches from problems that stem from the basement.

In all honesty, for most potential buyers, wet basements could be a deal-breaker.

Home appraisals take into account structural problems, such as wet basements. More often than not, you’ll find that the value of your appraised house is less than what you would get without a wet basement.

There is a stigma associated with having a “problem house”; after all, no one wants to live in one. Plus, the idea of having to pour more money into fixing a new home with problems is an unattractive option. Consequently, even if a potential buyer does decide to purchase your house, he or she will often ask you to lower the price of the house by more than what the cost of repairs would be.

Get the maximum value of what your property is worth by having a reputable waterproofing company come in and repair the wet basement problem now. That way, when you are connecting with a potential buyer about the sale, your worries will be few. Nothing builds trust more than having a transferable lifetime guarantee for waterproofing services. In the long run, you are saving yourself money!

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