Wet Basement Renovation Suggestions for Your University Student

Jul 1, 2014

Extra living space is always appreciated by families in Ottawa. When your child finally heads off for university or college, it’s not unusual to feel a growing excitement about the possibilities of what you can do with their now empty room. (Gym or office, anybody?)

But what happens after you’ve converted their bedroom, and they’re back home again for the holidays and summer? Where will they sleep? An often underused and overlooked space that you still have in your house is the basement. Once it’s been renovated, it’s a great space for your child to use. (Plus, you will have no more wet basement!) In fact, it can be their own personal little dorm with all the comforts of living at home (e.g., an onsite laundry, plenty of food in the cupboards, a vehicle to drive.)

Surprise your child with some of these basement renovation suggestions when they’re back for a visit:

  • Get the basement waterproofed: Getting the basement waterproofed is in your and their best interests for the long term! It’ll ensure that they can store their valuable DVD and technological device collections and boxes of mementos safely in their new room without the worry that it will be soaked through by a potential wet basement flood.
  • Get a new paint job: Transform a dark and compact basement or basement room into a new space with some paint! Make sure that the paint you’re using is intended for the basement. Such products will act as a vapour barrier and resist the growth of mould.
  • Add and/or update the bathroom: If your basement currently doesn’t have a bathroom, consider adding one. They add value to the home, and you won’t have to hear about fights for the bathroom again from your kids!
  • Add new windows: Bring natural light into the room by having new windows installed. It’s also important to have windows available in the basement in case of fire or emergencies.

Get started on these wet basement renovations today! Contact The Crack Doctor at our Ottawa location for your basement waterproofing solution.

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